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       Hi, my name is Anastasia, I am a proud owner of Banana Nails since 2019. I started my nail career many years ago back at home, in Ukraine. Over there I learned how to clean perfectly cuticle area, which became very beneficial later. When I came to the USA I was working at different jobs and saving money to start doing nails again.

       In 2016 I got my nail technician license in Chicago and started working in different nail salons. It is always hard to start, especially in a different country with a very low knowledge of language. But I realized very quickly that here woman has had a difficult time finding someone who can give her the nail care she wants. My advantage over other nail technicians was knowing that a client’s needs goes first. My passion for nails has made me focus on what really matters to my clients. I pay special attention to the details and try to work with no rush.

      In 2019 I started a nail school again, this time to become a nail instructor. My goal is to teach future nail technicians not only to do “clean” manicures and natural looking artificial nails, but also to teach them to be understanding and polite with clients. This is exactly the type of nail technicians I have in my team. For me the client's and nail technician’s safety is the most valuable. I heard so many times how clients are tired of lies in nail salons, where the nail tech says that she is providing gel nails, but actually using acrylic. That’s why at Banana Nails we are doing our best  to be honest with clients and provide them with correct information about instrument’s sanitation and quality of products. Our materials are 100% REAL, are of the highest quality and NOT damaging to client’s nails

      I and nail techs at my salon are always continuing education to ensure that we provide the best services for our clients.

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